山田和幸   Kazuyuki Yamada




2014 artbook 制作開始

2017 10月 描き始める


I am a commercial photographer in Tokyo.
I started doing photography to break free.
To do so, I intend to remove the limiting frames within myself.
Things that have aged and have a history attract me,
and I find beauty and freedom in distortion and deflection,
and also things that have gone out of pre-established harmony intrigue me.
After getting tired of taking pictures the way
I was told itʼ s “supposed to” be, I started intentionally damaging my work.
I made a collection of them and that became one of my art books.
Today I see myself playing around with lines and shapes in the air freely.
When I donʼ t like it after placing the image on a piece of paper,
I just keep adding and adding and go forward.
The fact that image lags and stains play a great roll is quite similar to the way us
humans live by our experiences.
What gives me pleasure is wondering why I choose these colours,
the shapes, the locations and what kind of scene I can create after placing them,
and also wondering why it makes you feel so good....
these things that are ambiguous and unclear.

2020 1/17-26 Shoonji Art Project (Tokyo・Kodaira city)

2019 11/27-12/1 Lazy Suzan Gallery (New York)

2019 7/12-7/15 TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR

2019 6/2-6/16 Collage Exhibition / THE blank GALLERY(Tokyo)

2019 3/5-3/10  Solo Exhibition 「WALK」 / Clouds Art + Coffee

2018 10/23-11/4 Zines Exhibition 「ZINE HOUSE 2」  / Clouds Art + Coffee

2018 5/29-6/3 Group Exhibition Silence & Emotion / Clouds Art + Coffee 

2018 5/1-5/13 Zines Exhibition 「ZINE HOUSE」  / Clouds Art + Coffee

2018 4/8-4/15 Group Exhibition 「Art de vivre - one wall exhibition -」 / Gallery Conceal Shibuya